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Mulligan Girl Avalon, (224p) ISBN 978-0-8034-9992-8

Mulligan Girl by Rebecca L. Boschee

Making a snappy hole-in-one romantic comedy debut, Boschee tracks the mischief a little white lie creates for an Arizona single when she falls in love with a sexy golf instructor. As a customer experience assessor for Affluence Index, Inc., Alizarin Crimson "Ren" Edwards often pretends to be a wealthy matron in her job posing as a customer to rate high end services and products. While evaluating Scottsdale's exclusive Desert Fire Golf Course and Resort, Ren's "married" shtick gets her into major trouble when she's attracted to Adan Bennett, the golf course manager. Although Boschee stretches the limits of credulity with Ren's enormous reluctance to come clean about her marital status, she appealingly ratchets up the tension between the couple. Extra sparks fly when Ren goes to Ireland on Adan's guided golf-themed vacation that concludes with a giddy matchmaking festival surprise. (Feb.) Publishers Weekly 12/21/2009

Ren Edwards has an idyllic life. Her job entails pretending to be an upscale customer so she can rate the service she receives from exclusive stores, and her best friend, Mo, and her husband live only two blocks away in sunny Scottsdale. The only thing missing is a man. During one of her shopping expeditions, Ren decides to buy a golf certificate for her fictional husband from an exclusive golf course. When problems ensue with her purchase, they are taken care of by the heartthrob golf pro Adan Bennett, who also gives Ren complimentary golf lessons to compensate for the mishap. The golf lessons allow Ren to be with the man of her dreams, but, of course, Adan thinks she is married. How to dismantle this misconception so she can be free to pursue him, or him her? She was, after all, just doing her job, not really lying. Will Adan understand? Boschee delivers a sweet, fresh-faced story that will appeal to readers looking for a gentle romance. --Patty Engelmann - Booklist, January 1, 2010

" ...rated 4 out of 5 stars by Romantic Times (RT)" Romantic Times

Ren Edwards has the perfect job - she gets to buy anything she wants as long as she rates their customer service. In fact, her life is almost perfect except for the fact that she is still single. For her job, where she often pretends to be a wealthy married woman, she orders a golfing certificate and heads off to evaluate the resort. She immediately falls for golf course manager Adan but there is one small problem - he thinks she is happily married. Ren tries to find a way to tell him the truth without him hating her for waiting so long to tell him. This is a great read and I can't wait for more from this debut author. (CG)

"8 out of 10" Chicklet Club Review

"Mulligan Girl is a light and fluffy read with a wonderful heroine, great settings and a lovely happily ever after you won’t want to miss." Goodreads reviews

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