His Soul to Break

Sixteen-year-old Bridget Mahoney has caught the eye of her town's most notorious resident, the ghost of Wil Abbot.

Wil had been murdered decades earlier, and while Bridget vows to shed light on the mystery of his death, hoping to help him pass over to the other side, Wil's one desire is to be with Bridget. That means he needs a human form, and he's found just the body for the job. All Bridget has to do is convince the guy, who happens to be her serious crush, Matthew, to let them borrow his body. Matthew, tormented by the death of an ex-girlfriend, is willing to comply if he'll be able to communicate with her through Wil.

The dead don't always play fair.

When Wil takes over Matthew's body and can't keep his hands off Bridget, she knows she's made a terrible mistake. But now that Wil's had a taste of being human again, he doesn't want to pass over to the other side; he wants to control Matthew forever.

As Bridget switches gears to fight for Matthew's soul, she finds she'll need to confront each of their pasts to set them all free.

His Soul to Break by Becca Leone (kindle ebook) ASIN-B018yIH44E $2.99

His Soul to Break by Becca Leone

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