Last Resort

Jackson is a laidback water-jock bent on avoiding the thriving business he’s inherited. Lila is an uptight college student seeking to restore the tuition cash her ex-boyfriend filched. Each flees to work at a little resort in southern Florida where they hope to nurse their broken hearts and find some answers. They end up finding something unexpected: each other. Neither needs a complication like falling in love, but the more they endeavor to stay apart, the more they are drawn together.

Paradise is not all it’s cracked up to be. Lila’s fragile trust is shaken when her new nest-egg goes missing along with Jackson, and she stumbles across an incriminating post-card from Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Jackson has decided to face his responsibilities and make plans for the future. Those plans include Lila. When he returns from a short business trip he doesn’t expect to find that Lila has frozen him out and that her worm of an ex-boyfriend has shown up to try to win her back. While Jackson tries to get past Lila’s defenses, she’s busy booking a one-way ticket home. Before she boards the plane she must decide if she’s willing to take a deep-sea plunge with her heart, or if she’ll let paradise slip away like so much sand through her fingers.

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Last Resort by Rebecca L. Boschee Contemporary Romance (hardcover) ISBN-10: 0-803-47659-0 ISBN-13: 978-0-803-47659-2 Avalon Books

Last Resort by Rebecca L. Boschee

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